Political art, the British class system and me

Political art, the British class system and me

My artwork has a very distinct theme …. politics and news. In my current practice I use; news outlets, main stream media and lesser known sources to inform my research. This research I then create an art piece from the gathered information on the subject, and convey a message though visual media.

I have recently researched and created a piece of art work that reflects the current British class system, and how people are perceived within society. I did this to raise the awareness of the issues within the British Class system concerning the notation of power, wealth and status in todays culture.

I was primarily inspired by the Pleb-gate scandal (link below) and the way the media had dug up old fashioned stereotypes of the ;upperclass, middle class and working class and how they interacted like a ‘Punch ‘n’ Judy’ puppet show . The way they were portrayed as; the copper as a Pleb (latin word :an ordinary person, especially one from the lower social classes) and the rich tory as the villain. As a working class person with no links to the upper echelons of society, I decided to reverse this idea of poor have no wealth/ standing in society and switch the roles which has been imposed on them. I created a Chav inspired branded necklace made from gold, with Pleb on it. this was a way of creating role reversal, and a 2 fingered salute to those who see the lower classes as a poor safari for them to gawk and jeer at, at their own pleasure.




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